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Hundreds of leading-edge trading charts that help you identify new trading opportunities. Be the first to discover spread trades, relative value trades, and other trades in the crypto markets.

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Hundreds of Trading Charts

BlockStud provides hundreds of advanced trading charts that make it easier to identify new trading opportunities in cryptocurrency markets.

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BlockStud makes leading-edge indicators and analytics available to any cryptocurrency trader and investor. Access advanced trading tools previously available only to professional traders.

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Use BlockStud to identify trends and market movements for various cryptocurrencies.

Advanced cryptocurrency trading tools built by professional traders, now available to everyone.

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BitMEX Tools Plan

$8per month

  • Real-time alerts for BitMEX funding rates so you're the first to know of profitable opportunities
  • Access to historical perpetuals funding rates to help you identify BitMexpatterns
  • Access to BitMEX perpetuals historical open interest data
  • *BlockStud is not affiliated with BitMEX.

Pro Plan

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  • Everything in BitMEX Tools Plan, Plus...
  • Hundreds of Charts & Graphs that Allow You to Quickly Find Trading Opportunities
  • Be Among the First to Access Charts for Spread Trades and Relative Value Trades
  • Access Advanced Charting for Price, Volume, and Volatility Trends